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Collecting unemployment is rarely a changed circumstance

It seems like common sense.  You lose your job and are now collecting unemployment.  Your child support obligation that was based upon your old higher salary now seems awfully expensive.  So, you should get a reduction now right?  Wrong!

Most people can’t even believe that this is the law but even in this economy, most judges in New Jersey will likely hold that short term unemployment is not a changed circumstance.  So when is it not short term?  There is no exact time frame.

In normal times, it is fairly easy for someone to get a job that pays close to what they were making after a few months of searching.  However, in this economy, is it really possible to find a new job so quick or at all?  If you really want to make a good run at such a motion, I suggest hiring an attorney right away even though the motion will not be filed for several months.  I know it is tough to hire an attorney when you are out of work but I always tell my clients to look at it like an investment.  In other words, paying a little now could save thousands down the road.

If you have lost your job, call me today to discuss how we can work today to set up a credible motion several months down the road.