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Somerset County Child Support Lawyers help client wipe out $60,000 worth of arrears

-Donald S.

Between college expenses and child support, client had built up over $60,000 worth of arrears. Jef filed a motion with the court to vacate all of his arrears and emancipate his children. The court issued a “tentative decision” which indicated that the motion was partly granted. The two children would be emancipated but the client would still have arrears of $15,000. With $45,000 worth of arrears wiped out, some would call that a win. However, Jef  would accept nothing short of a zero arrears figure. Jef appeared for oral argument and fought hard against both the judge and the other attorney. Even though most tentative decisions are never changed, the court sided with Jef and the client was held not responsible for any debt.  This is what we mean when we say that our New Jersey child support attorneys will fight for you!
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