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How to Reduce Child Support Arrears in NJ

Child support arrears in New Jersey can quickly spin out of control. The best way to reduce your child support arrears is to stop them from increasing. First, you need to make sure that your child support figure is as low as possible. This way you are not increasing your arrears and thus compounding your problem. Second and related to the first, you need as much money to pay down you arrears if you choose to do that.

Of course, none of that helps you reduce the amount right away. If you want to make a serious dent into your arrears, you’ll need to talk to a NJ child support lawyer about an audit of your account and review of the child support orders for your case. There are some cases where the child support figure is wrong and thus has been wrong for many years. Although you didn’t pay all of your child support over the years, you didn’t really have to pay all of that. Your lawyer could file a motion to correct the prior order and thus recalculate the arrears.

Reducing Child Support Arrears in New Jersey

Arrears can also be recalculated due to retroactive emancipation. Emancipation can and often is ordered several years prior to the date the motion is filed. As a result, the order will wipe out all of your child support arrears from the date of emancipation onwards. Still yet another option is to pay a large portion of the arrears in exchange for the entire amount to be wiped out. This can be done by way of consent order that your lawyer can get for you.

If you need help to reduce your child support arrears in NJ, call our child support lawyers today to discuss your case with our free consultation.