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Reduce Child Support for an Adult Child in New Jersey


Unlike other states, in New Jersey you will have to pay child support for an adult child. Unlike a minor child, an adult child can work and quite often they do work. While this might just be a summer and/or weekend job, it is still income that the child is bringing. This leads many to ask: shouldn’t my New Jersey child support obligation be reduced for my adult child? While the answer quite often is yes, its not as simple as just asking for it. There are a number of different legal issues that have to be addressed.

Reduce child support for adult child

One of the most crucial factors here is whether or not the child is living at college. If the child is living at college, his or her tuition should already cover their living expenses. The child does not need to live in two different places at the same time. As a result, the child support should be lowered. Another issue is the adult child that just stays home all summer and doesn’t work. Arguments can be made that the child should be able to work and thus, the child support should be lowered.

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