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Paying Child Support Directly in New Jersey

Paying child support directly to child in New Jersey

A very common problem in New Jersey is when a person pays child support but the child does not really see any of the money. In many situations, there is not much you can do about it. However, a recent case has indicated that for adult children, the child support payments can made directly to them. To accomplish this, a motion must be filed with the court. This isn’t the easiest motion to file but the case law does allow for it.

To win this motion, it helps to have a knowledgeable NJ child support lawyer. You also need to have some argument and analysis behind the motion, Simply asking for the child support to be paid to your adult child is probably not going to cut it. Instead, you will need to explain why this is necessary. Our New Jersey child support attorneys file hard hitting motions so we will throw everything we have to make sure that your child support gets paid directly to your child. This way, you know that the child support is not being used as a form of alimony.