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Arrears vacated in Passaic County Child Support Case

Our Passaic County Child Support Lawyers were able to secure another huge victory for a client.  In this case, the client racked up a large amount of arrears due to his child support obligation.  Our lawyers first had to find the other side’s address so that we could serve her with the emancipation motion.  This proved difficult but due to the skilled efforts of our lawyers, we were able to locate the address without having to hire a private investigator.  After receiving our motion for emancipation, the other side hired a lawyer to contest the emancipation date.  This was very important because the client had a warrant out for his arrest due the failure to pay child support.  The case went to court and by the time we left, our NJ emancipation lawyers secured an order that terminated his child support obligation, vacated his arrears and vacated his bench warrant.  In other words, it was a total victory.
Thus, even though the other side claimed that the child’s drug problems prevented emancipation, we were still able to over these arguments.