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Cost of Living Adjustment for NJ Child Support

Cost of Living Adjustment for NJ Child Support

When child support is paid through probation in New Jersey, an automatic Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA increase will apply. This applies to all child support order paid through probation and occurs every two years. Right around that time period, probation will send both parties a notice of the increase. The percentage used is based upon Consumer Price Index. When the notice is received, the party paying child support has 30 days to contest the increase with Probation.

Our NJ child support lawyers can help you contest this COLA increase. These increase are challenged on the following grounds: (1) your income has not increased at a percentage at least equal to that percentage OR (2) the child support order already provides for an alternate method of periodic COLA adjustments. After considering your submission, the Probation department will make a recommendation and notify the parties of the recommendation. If either party is dissatisfied with their determination, they can request a hearing. Just like any other hearing officer’s decision, that decision can be appealed to the judge.

In addition to objecting to the COLA increase, now is a good time to have your entire child support order reviewed. If you are facing a child support COLA increase in New Jersey, call our team at 1-855-9-JEFLAW for tough, smart attorneys today to see how we can help you avoid the increase and reduce your child support obligation.