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Proving Cohabitation in NJ

Cohabitation Proof NJ

In New Jersey, proving cohabitation is one of the key ways that the supporting spouse can reduce or eliminate his or her alimony obligation. There are a number of ways to prove cohabitation but the most common is to hire a private investigator. The investigator will prove cohabitation by documenting that the two parties are sleeping in the same house over a period of time as well as spending a lot of time together. However, not every private investigator really knows what they are doing. Thus, you should not just hire one and have him or her start surveillance. You could wind up wasting a lot of money. Instead, you should first consult with a New Jersey alimony reduction lawyer to discuss a strategy. The lawyer can then help you choose an investigator and the guide him or her as to what to do and how to document it.

There are other ways to prove cohabitation in addition to or in lieu of surveillance by a private investigator. Again, before you do anything, call an experienced alimony reduction attorney first, like the attorneys at the Law Firm of Jef Henninger, Esq. Doing anything on your own could lead to problems.