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Morris County Child Support Lawyer helps client avoid paying child support for many years

-Reynaldo M.  Client was facing a motion for child support from a child he never met.  The child was 12 and he had no idea it was his.  The mother was looking for child support from birth to now and in the future.  After almost a year of litigation, Jef shut down the entire motion so that the client did not have to pay one cent in child support, either now or later.  While the case took a while to fight, the client was very happy with the result.
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Having a baby does not emancipate adult child

Just won a case last week for a great client.  The father of her child tried to emancipate her  just because the child had a baby.  However, the child still lived at home and was being supported  by my client.  The court agreed with us and found that a child having a baby has nothing to do with regard to whether or not the child has moved beyond the sphere of influence of the parents.  So, we won the case fairly easily.

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