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Monmouth County Alimony Reduction Lawyers help client save $150,000 in support payments


Monmouth County Superior Court

This case had been going on for about 12 years in one form or another. The client had filed a motion to reduce his alimony payments.  The current litigation actually goes back to 2006 so its been six straight years of litigation.  Our Monmouth County Alimony Lawyers were about the fifth law firm on the case.  Some lawyers get scared of such cases but our Monmouth County Lawyers understand that it sometimes takes a while to find the right lawyer.  We fought hard for the client and the ex-wife had a lawyer from a big law firm representing her.  After months of extensive litigation, the case went to trial.

The trial lasted for several days and it involved a number of witnesses, voluminous exhibits, an expert witness and a whole host of other issues that made the case quite complex.  In fact, it took the judge months to issue a decision.  In the end, we were successful.  Our lawyers were able to show that our client’s income had decreased and that he was entitled to a reduction in his alimony payments.  As a result, the client’s alimony was reduced all the way back to 2006.  This saved the client $150,000 in alimony payments.

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