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Hunterdon County Child Support Lawyer helps mother emancipate her child

Hunterdon County Child Support Lawyer helps mother emancipate her child

Kristi W.

This was a long, tough fight.  First, the child went to a very expensive school and we had to fight that case.  Then, the child dropped out of school.  Instead of the other side just agreeing to the emancipation motion, they fought us on it.  Instead of settling the case like the other lawyer would have preferred, we took the case to court.  As a result, we won and were able to get the child emancipated retroactively.  This shows that mothers do pay child support and that our lawyers represent both mothers and fathers.


Client gets increase in child support due to election win

My client is the mother of two great children.  The father of the children just won an election that will result in a second job and a big increase in his salary.  We filed a motion for an increase in child support and a host of other issues and we not only won, but we got a great result.  The tricky part of this case was that we had to file the motion right away due to some emergent issues.  However, the new position would not start for another month or so after the court date.  Thus, the court may have kicked it and told us to come back in a month when the new position started.  However, I worked it out with the other side to avoid a second court appearance and more expense to my client.  She got the bump in child support and we don’t have to come back to court.

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