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How to Win a Child Support Motion in New Jersey

Winning a child support motion in New Jersey is not always easy but it isn’t nearly as impossible as some make it out to be. Of course, winning a motion depends on a variety of factors including what side of the case you are on, what you are looking to do, what the prior orders say, what your evidence shows, what evidence you have provided, what the law says, who the judge is and who your lawyer is. Of all of that, one of the most important factors in winning your NJ child support motion is who your lawyer is. You probably can’t do anything about who the judge is but you can pick your child support lawyer.

Your New Jersey child support attorney will take all of the facts and apply them to the law so that you stand the best chance of winning. Detail is incredibly important. You just cannot file a motion stating what you want and expect to win. Also, not every lawyer will put the time and attention into your case.

How to win a child support motion in New Jersey

Our team of tough, smart NJ child support lawyers will fight for you to make sure that your motion has the detail necessary to be as strong as possible. We also file briefs that contain the law that is necessary. This is very important because you cannot expect that the court will understand all of the law. Remember, judges are people to and the easier you make it for them, the better chance you will have to win your child support motion.

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