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Essex County Child Support Attorneys Help Client Emancipate Child

Our Essex County Child Support Attorneys are pleased to announce that we have helped yet another client emancipate a child for a client that had tried and failed in the past.  Our client had filed an emancipation motion pro se but like many, he could not be successful especially because the other side would dodge service.  Our lawyers fought hard and we were able to secure an order that retroactively emancipated the child years prior.  We also were able to get the client’s child support motion reduced for his other child.  As a result, he will not have a child support payment for about 18 months.  Needless to say, this was a huge victory.


Essex County Emancipation Lawyer helps client show that child is not in college full time

-Guillermo A.

Client was a truck driver in California who grew estranged from his daughter who lived in New Jersey. As a result, he had little information about her current education status. Jef launched an investigation and filed several subpoenas. Jef found out that his daughter indicated that she was married. In addition, Jef found out what college she was attending and that she would register for full credits but drop or fail almost all of them.  Jef showed the court that she was really going to school part time, so she was emancipated. Because the emancipation was made retroactive, the client was actually owed approximately $15,000 from the other party.
Essex County Emancipation Lawyer

Firm kicks off emancipation season with several wins

We are entering what I call “emancipation season” because children will be graduating high school and college within the next few months.  Thus, the calls for emancipation will be  coming in fast and furious from now till about July.  In the past several weeks, we have won several emancipation cases including one last week where I was able to emancipate two children at once for my client which totally ended his child support.

I was also able to work out a case a few weeks before that where I cut down my client’s arrears as a result of the emancipation by over $10,000.  My associate has also had some nice wins too.

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