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Hiring an attorney for a divorce now could save you money later

I often feel like a broken record for constantly repeating myself, but I feel that it is necessary.  I have so many people that come into my office for a divorce consultation in an effort to simply pump me for information so that they can avoid hiring me or any other attorney.  I guess that is what I get for giving free consultations?  More importantly however is the the fact that these people don’t listen to me when I tell them that hiring a good attorney is like making a good investment, it will save you money and pay off in the long run.  Nevertheless, they don’t want to hear it.

As I often do, I am more concerned with results than money.  I see way too many people that had no attorney or a less than stellar attorney for the divorce and now months or years later, sometimes many years later, issues have developed that may take thousands of dollars to resolve.  Worse yet, some cases never seem to resolve.  However, if they would have retained a good attorney from the start, all of that money, time and aggravation would be avoided.

I have so many people that tell me, “I wish I would have retained you from the start”.   This is because a good attorney should make sure that everything is set up so that the divorce ends just about everything possible so that there are no issues lingering after the divorce.  Without an attorney, no one else in the court is going to help you.  With a bad attorney, no thought will be put into making sure you don’t have to come back to that attorney’s office.

The bottom line, 1, get a good attorney, 2, question your attorney to make sure that there are no avoidable issues that could go wrong after the case is over.  Otherwise, issues such as child support, alimony or the sale of the house could take years to resolve.

If you need an attorney for any divorce case involving child support in New Jersey, call me anytime.