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How to Defend an Emancipation Motion in New Jersey

For whatever reason, our lawyers file a lot of motions for people that are looking to emancipate their children. However, we also represent the parent that is defending against an emancipation motion that is filed in New Jersey. Because our New Jersey child support lawyers have experience in filing so many emancipation motions, we know what works and what doesn’t. Thus, our team of tough, smart attorneys can help you fight back against an emancipation motion so that your child support continues.

How to defend against an emancipation motion in New Jersey

Part of defending against an emancipation motion in New Jersey is understanding the evidence and the law that needs to be applied to your case. If the child is an adult, the burden is on you. While this is not an incredibly high burden, you still have a lot of work to do. Our child support lawyers know how to put the right motion together. We also know the child support laws in New Jersey. We’ll put together a hard hitting response to make sure that you come out on top.

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