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Going it alone may have costed client over $20,000

Client came in my office today and I really felt bad for him.  He has been handling his child support  cases for years by himself with no success.  He should have filed a motion to reduce his child support when his older child was away at college but did not to so.  He also botched his motion to reduce his child support when he was unemployed.  As a result, his arrears swelled to over $27,000.

He then filed a motion to emancipate his older child which was denied even though his ex-wife did not oppose it!   He also failed to file a motion to reduce his child support with regard to his younger child being away at college.

While I can help him reduce most of his arrears, I can’t make all of it go away.  If he would have worked with an attorney in the beginning, he would have likely never had an arrears problem.  For only a few thousand dollars, he could have saved $30,000 or more.

Don’t let this happen to you, call the team of tough, smart Cumberland County Child Support Lawyers today to discuss your case.