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Bergen County Child Support Attorney helps client emancipate child


Client had no contact with the child since birth.  The child was 18 and out of school (or so the client thought).  Jef filed a motion for emancipation but the case was denied because the other side claimed that the child was in school.  Jef filed several subpoenas which showed that this was false.  The motion was refiled and the child was emancipated.  While the case took quite a while to work out, it did not get expensive.

Bergen County Child Support Attorney


Court rules that home-schooled child is emancipated

This was a very interesting case.  My client’s daughter was being home-schooled for years. Even though the child should have been half way through college, she was barely half way through high school.  There is no real case law on this issue so I had to get creative.  The other side really fought hard but I turned their arguments against them.  The case was so hard fought that both sides were arguing up to the day of court with new letters and documents being constantly sent to the court.

Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the child was deemed emancipated.  This was a great win to kick off the new year.

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