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Act now, before its too late (how to get money or save money with child support in NJ)

In New Jersey, you generally have to act now if you want to modify your child support.  It doesn’t matter if you pay child support or receive it.  However, I usually see more people that pay child support waiting.  Trying to come back a few years later only after your arrears have built up is not a good idea.  Unless you can get the child emancipated back to a certain date that wipes out arrears, it can be impossible to file a motion to vacate  child support arrears.  Thus, if you file a motion now to reduce your child support, you will avoid the issue of arrears all together.  Likewise, if you file a motion to increase child support now, you will get more money.  In other words, you are rewarded for acting now and you can be punished for waiting.

If you are looking to file a motion to reduce child support in NJ, call our team of tough, smart lawyers now.  We can represent you in any court in New Jersey.