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Appealing a Child Support Order in New Jersey

If you do not agree with a recent child support order, you have a few options. If it is within 20 days, you can file a motion to reconsider. This type of motion essentially says that the court made a mistake. As you an probably imagine, this is not an easy motion to make as judges don’t like to get told that there was an error. Thus, it is strongly advised that you retainer an attorney. Our NJ child support lawyers can help you vacate that child support order so that it is correct.

Child Support Order Appeal NJ

A motion to reconsider is not always the best option. Sometimes the better option, (or in cases where it is more than 20 days, the only option) is to file an appeal. An appeal for a child support order is filed with the Appellate Division which is a higher court. A panel of two to three judges will review the paperwork that you file and decide if the lower court (the trial judge) made a mistake. While a child support appeal is not usually that complicated and thus not that costly, the appeals process itself incredibly complicated even for some attorneys.  Thus appealing a child support order in New Jersey is not something you should probably try on your own.  Our NJ child support appeal lawyers have the experience necessary to help you get your appeal filed right away. If you don’t appeal your child support order, it may be wrong week after week. Pretty soon, it will cost you more to pay the wrong amount than it would have been to just hire a lawyer and fix.

Initial consultations with our New Jersey child support appeal attorneys are free, so call us today to discuss your case.