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Interstate Child Support

Interstate Child Support Payments

When a supporting parent moves across state lines and ceases making or attempts to avoid payment of a child support obligation, he or she may be subject to federal prosecution. The federal Uniform Interstate Family Support Act or (UIFSA) specifies that New Jersey child support obligations can be enforced even if the supporting parent has moved or resides in a state other than New Jersey.

The (UIFSA) act requires employers in all states to comply with the income withholding orders of other states. The act also establishes limits on changes to a support order. The (UIFSA) law protects the supporting parent by limiting support orders in effect to a single jurisdiction.

Whenever more than one state is involved in the establishing, enforcing or modifying of a child support order, the (UIFSA) act is implemented to determine the jurisdiction and power of the courts in the different states.

Child support cases may also involve supporting parents that have relocated to other countries. The State of New Jersey currently has reciprocal child support agreements with 15 other countries.

Child Support Modifications

Attempting to lower or eliminate child support payments can not be accomplished by simply moving out of state. The only way to legally lower or eliminate child support payments is through the filing of a motion asking the court to modify support or to terminate an existing support agreement.

The success of a child support motion is totally dependent on presenting a compelling reason for a change to the existing support order.  Job loss due to a disability or a dramatic change in income by either parent are several valid arguments for a change in financial support.

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