Reducing Alimony Obligation in New Jersey Due to Unemployment

Reducing NJ Alimony Due to Unemployment

This economy has made it very difficult for many to find jobs so if you get laid off, it may take quite a while to get a new job to replace your income so that you can continue make your alimony payments. You would think the the system would be lenient given the state of our economy over the last few years but no, many people have been arrested and thrown in jail for failure to pay alimony. You can avoid all of this by taking action right way.

The first thing to do is to contact a lawyer and advise him or her that you are unemployed and are paying alimony. From there, there attorney will want to see your settlement agreement. The terms are very important as it may have contemplated what happens to your New Jersey alimony obligation if you become unemployed even if doesn’t say that specifically. From there, the exact strategy will depend on the unique set of facts for each case. However, this may include sending a letter to the other side to advise them of the problem. Sometimes these cases can be negotiated without court involvement. This result in very little expense to the client.

If a motion must be filed, it has to be well thought out and carefully planned if you want it to be successful. Again, this means meeting with a lawyer right away. Your lawyer will have to walk you through exactly what you have to do to help him/her put together a successful motion. Most motions that lose are not carefully planned.

If you are paying alimony in New Jersey and you are now unemployed, call our team of tough, smart lawyers today at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your case. Our initial consultations are free.


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