NJ Child Support Motion From Out of State

Filing a child support motion in new Jersey when you live out of state

A large percentage of our clients live outside of New Jersey. Either they moved out of New Jersey after their child support case was filed or they were never there to begin with. Regardless of who lives where, if your cases started out in New Jersey, it will likely stay there forever. Attempting to fill out the motion papers and then handling the court appearance can be daunting for most. Flying in to just attend one court appearance can be quite costly. Even worse is that some case do not conclude in one day. You will then have to spend even more money to come back. Once you add up the flight, airport parking, court house parking, meals, hotel, etc, you may wind up spending more than what you would spend on an attorney.

Our child support attorneys can do everything for you in most cases without you having to ever come to New Jersey. It starts with the initial consultation. This can be done right over the phone and it rarely takes more than just a few minutes. Even better is that we are available 24/7/365. We will discuss your case to see if we can help you. If we can, we can take a credit card or debit card right over the phone. Please note that your information is secure with us. We have represented thousands of clients and no one’s credit card information has ever been compromised. If you don’t have a credit card, you can overnight us a check or money order.

Once we have your payment, we will email you a fee agreement. This confirms that you have paid and sets forth the terms of our representation. After you sign that, you can scan and email it back to us or you can fax it to us. At the same time, you can provide us with a write up for what you are looking for along with any supporting documentation you might have. We will then draft a motion (often times in 48 hours or less) and then email or fax you a draft of the motion for you to review. Once we settle on a final draft, you will sign and send that back to us. Your original signature should not be needed. We will then file a motion with the court.

Once the other side receives our motion, they may file a response, If this happens, we will email same to you so that we can discuss our response. After will send in our response to the court, we will have a court date. In almost all cases, there will be no need for you to appear. After the hearing is over, we will call you to (hopefully) share the good news. We will then email you the order and close the case.

Please note that the above procedure is almost the exact same procedure that is followed for clients that live in New Jersey but choose to come into the office. Thus, but of the initial consultation taking place in person, the rest of the case may often unfold the exact same way. As you can see, there is little to no difference whether you are down the street or halfway around the world. We can fight for you not matter where you live. Call us anytime at 1-855-9-JEFLAW to discuss your child support case.


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