Win the Ability to Pay Hearing in New Jersey

Winning the ability to pay hearing in New Jersey

In New Jersey, if you are arrested on a child support bench warrant, the court will hold an ability to pay hearing. Just like it sounds, the court will determine your ability to pay the arrears that are outstanding. Someone from the probation department will be there to help the court set the amount that is needed for you to be released. This is called a purge. Too many people show up to an ability to pay hearing without an attorney. Unfortunately, some of these people wind up being held over in jail until the next court date. To avoid that, you should hire an attorney to represent you during the ability to pay hearing.

Our NJ child support lawyers will go to court fully prepared to win the hearing. We know the law and the procedures for issuing warrants. We will use the law and these procedures to do everything possible to make sure that you do not go to jail. If you are facing an ability to pay hearing in any court in New Jersey, call our team of tough, smart lawyers to fight for you. Our initial consultations are always free.


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