Collecting Arrears From Deadbeat Parents

As a New Jersey Child Support lawyer, I think I’ve seen it all at this point. Nevertheless, I remain confused as to how are system works. Sometimes it seems like probation buts a warrant out for my client when he/she misses one payment. Other times however, it seems like they won’t do anything to the parent that never makes a payment. Why there is such a disparity from one case to another is unclear but one thing is for certain: your odds of winning your New Jersey child support case increase when you have a lawyer. Collecting your child support arrears is no different.

How to Collect Arrears From A Deadbeat Parent in NJ

Again, I’ve heard it all before. I’ve heard how impossible it is to collect from someone. I’ve heard how he/she hides incomes. I’ve heard how the system doesn’t work for them. Often times, these people tell me that either they don’t have a lawyer or they didn’t have a good one. A lawyer makes the system work for them. Lawyers make the entire system accountable. There are many ways to enforce child support including but not limited to bench warrants. Lawyers can also help you suspend the other parent’s driver’s license and passport. Repeated arrests on bench warrants are a great way to get the other parent’s attention. So are applications for counsel fees. You’d be amazed how often people find money to pay a purge to get out of jail after they have been arrested.

If you want help collecting on your child support arrears, call our team of tough, aggressive New Jersey child support lawyers today to discuss your case.



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