Split Parenting Child Support Arrangement NJ

Split parenting is the rare, but not unheard of, situation where each parent has custody of at least once child that they have in common. Please note that this is only when they are the parents of both children; if one parent has a child from another relationship, that is not split parenting. Often times, both parents will waive child support from the other. However, there will be occasions when one parent will still demand child support. In that case, there will be two separate child support calculations done using the sole parenting work sheet; one for each parent.

The two numbers will be subtracted from each other and that figure will be the child support award. Obviously, this number will often be fairly insignificant thus making the cost of litigation prohibitive. However, if one parent has income that far exceeds the other, then it may well be worth it. Before filing anything, speak to a New Jersey Child Support Lawyer first.



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