Calculating Child Support for High Income Earners in New Jersey

The New Jersey child support guidelines only go up to a certain combined income level. Thus, it doesn’t matter which parent earns what income; if the combination of both incomes exceeds the child support guidelines levels, than the child support guidelines cannot be used to determine the entire child support award. In these case, the child support guidelines are ran to the maximum to determine the absolute minimum child support award. Then, using a number of factors, the court will determine how much to supplement that number.

Without clear cut guidelines, each court is free to come up with its own number. Our lawyers have significant experience with these cases and we have seen children effectively become the breadwinners in a sense since their child support income is greater than that of the custodial parent. While one case clearly indicates that children should not receive three ponies, it is tough imagine why the cost of raising a child should far exceed the custodial parent’s income.

Regardless of which side you are on, documentation and zealous advocacy will help shape the judge’s opinion in these cases. You cannot just say that you want a certain amount of money, it has to be demonstrated. Having a specific need for the money makes it easier for a judge to award it as opposed to an arbitrary request. At the same time, child support is not alimony and thus, the judge will have to walk a fine line in between the two when setting the award.

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