Long battle to emancipate “disabled” child ends with a win for Union County Child Support Lawyers

Some clients become more than just clients.  Some people you fight for so hard, for so long that you become a big part of their lives.  For one client in Union County, I was more than just another lawyer.  It took us years to battle for another case unrelated to child support.  Eventually it became time to file a motion to emancipate his children.  One child was rather easy since she was older and not in college.  However, the other one was a big problem as the other side claimed that he was so disabled that he could not leave the house.  Along with my team of tough, smart Union County emancipation lawyers, we fought for months on this case.  We forced the other side to prove that the child was emancipated.  We never give up and we never stop fighting.  Eventually, the other side just submitted under the weight of our relentless pursuit of a victory.  With that, my client was done forever.  No more court battles of any kind.  No more lawyers.  It was all over.  For the first time since 1994, my client could rest easy.  This was easily one of my favorite child support cases to work on.

If you have a child support case you need help with, call the Union County Child Support Lawyers 24 hours a day.



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