Dealing with child support warrants in New Jersey

Its amazing how many people have child support warrants in New Jersey.  Hiding from them doesn’t solve anything.  If you’ve missed a few payments, you be brought before a judge and have to pay a purge amount.  Thus, I suggest that you have someone with you that can pay on your behalf.  However, if you have been dodging payments for a long time, it may become more difficult because the release figure may be huge.  As a result, you should think about getting an attorney.  It should be that expensive to have an attorney help you but it won’t be free of course.

Look at it this way, do you want to spend a few weeks in jail or do you want to get rid of the warrant and avoid jail?  My team of tough, smart attorneys can help you.  We will put a package together for the court to lower the purge amount.  We will then work on a motion to help reduce your child support going forward and set a realistic arrears payment.


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