Filing a child support motion in New Jersey when you live out of state

If your original child support was in New Jersey or if you were divorced in New Jersey, your child support matter will likely remain in New Jersey even if you don’t.  For some, this can cause apprehension because they don’t know how to handle the situation.  How do you find a lawyer?  What do you need to fill out?  Do you need to travel to New Jersey?

The good news is that for most, the process can be painless.  Start with finding a New Jersey child support lawyer.  If you read this blog, you found one.  Actually, you found a firm that employs a team of tough, smart child support lawyers.  We have offices across the state and we practice in every single New Jersey court.  Thus, you don’t have to ask if we go there.  If its in New Jersey, we do.  Retaining us is painless as well.  Call us anytime.  Within just a few minutes, we can let you know if we can help.  If we can, we can take a credit card or debit card right over the phone.  An automatic credit receipt is sent to you within minutes.  We will then send you a fee agreement which you can email or fax back.

We rarely need many documents from you but any documents that we do need can also be faxed or emailed.  Most child support motions can be finished in 2 days to 1 week. You will sign the documents you need to sign and again, fax or email everything back to us.  We will then take care of filing everything with the court and serving the other side with the motion.  If we have to go to court, your appearance will likely not be needed.  When possible, we try to avoid court appearances even by the lawyer which will save you money.  Sometimes, this can be accomplished because we write powerful motions.

At any one time, 50% of our child support cases may be from outside of New Jersey.  Thus, this entire process is not only easy, but for our law practice, is quite common.


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