Is your child support calculated properly?

There are so many people that come into my office that have wrong child support calculations.  Quite often, the person that is paying is paying way too much.  Most of the time, this is because they did not have an attorney and as a result, no one bothered to make sure the child support was done right the first time.  Worst yet, you may never be able to get any of  that money back.  For example, I had one new client come into my office last week that was overpaying about $50 per week for years!

While all of the above sounds great if you are the one receiving child support, the most common issue I see on the other side is that there is nothing in place to make sure that the support actually gets paid.  Again, this is usually because there was no attorney to help the person in the beginning.

Paying an attorney is never fun.  However, child support is (usually) a  relatively simple matter to handle.  Thus, it is good investment to get an attorney the first time to make sure everything is done right.  That is because the cost of a NJ child support lawyer is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of having the case go bad.

With offices in Toms River, Princeton, New Brunswick and Eatontown, my law offices are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.  Our initial consultations are always free so it will cost you nothing to see if your child support is calculated properly and/or set up properly.   We practice in every court in this state, so from Newark to Atlantic City, Freehold to Trenton, you only need to call one number for an attorney that will fight for you.


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